Our Lady of Sorrows

Our Lady of Sorrows
1 Timothy 1:1-2,12-14  +  John 19:25-27
September 15, 2017

“Woman, behold, your son.”

All our joys, all our sorrows, all our glory is only found in Christ:  that is to say, because we are members of Christ’s Body.  It is not true that you have your cross, and I have mine.  We all bear together—as individual members of Christ’s Body—the Cross of Jesus.  We all share in carrying His Cross.

Humanly speaking, sorrows tend to divide people more than joy or glory.  Loneliness and isolation are keenly felt by those who suffer.  Only in Christian faith can we find meaning even in the midst of suffering, because only God—who created everything out of nothing—can create good out of evil.

By approaching the Cross, we find Our Mother of Sorrows standing at the foot of the Cross.  When we approach the Cross to take it up each day, she is there.  She remains there—at the heart of our Christian faith—to show us with a mother’s love that suffering cannot tear us from each other.

Our Lord Jesus taught us to pray the “Our Father”.  Jesus was not only teaching us that we have a Father in Heaven.  If this is true, it is also true that we are all brothers and sisters.  But it’s also true that Mary is our Mother.  We ask Our Lady of Sorrows, the Spouse of the Holy Spirit, to pray for us in all things, and to help us know that no matter what we face in life, that her Son is there with us, in our midst, showing us how to continue to walk the only Way that leads to Heaven.

Our Lady of Sorrows