The Second Sunday of Lent [C]-HOMILY

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The Second Sunday of Lent [C]
Gen 15:5-12,17-18  +  Phil 3:14—4:1  +  Lk 9:28-36
February 21, 2016

This Lent the Church is in the midst of the Jubilee Year that Pope Francis called for, focusing on God’s gift of Divine Mercy.  The Pope asked that this Jubilee Year emphasize the Sacrament of Confession.  In our own diocesan cathedral, this emphasis is being put into practice every four weeks:  priests are hearing confessions during a 24-hour period, from Noon on a given day until Noon the next day.  Here at St. John’s during Lent, confessions are being heard before and after every Mass:  both weekend and weekday Masses. Continue reading