January 7

January 7
1 John 5:14-21  +  John 2:1-11

“Do whatever he tells you.”

Because of a quirk of the Church’s calendar, only when Christmas Day falls on a Sunday are today’s Scriptures proclaimed at Holy Mass on the Saturday morning (or early afternoon) of January 7.  This rarity is a shame, for today’s Gospel Reading is profoundly symbolic, and one of the Gospel passages most commented upon by the Doctors of the Church.

The event described in today’s Gospel Reading is now reflected upon within the Rosary as the Second Luminous Mystery.  Like the Baptism of the Lord (the first Luminous Mystery), Jesus’ miracle at Cana is a “luminous” mystery because it sheds light upon who Jesus is.  In other words, it is an “epiphany” or manifestation of Jesus’ divine identity.

Also worthy of our note is the fact that Jesus’ first public miracle is worked at the prompting of Our Blessed Mother.  This passage highlights one of the central themes of Christmastide:  that is, that you cannot have the Christ Child without His Mother Mary.  Her motherhood was not limited to the days of Jesus’ earthly life.  She continues today to serve mankind as the Mother of God, a humble and insightful intercessor who loves others by presenting their needs to Jesus.