Friday of the Fifth Week of Lent

Friday of the Fifth Week of Lent
Jeremiah 20:10-13  +  John 10:31-42

“If I do not perform my Father’s works, put no faith in me.”

Some disagree with the saying, a little knowledge is a dangerous thing, claiming that a little is better than none.  They do not see that those having the little often self-righteously and proudly conclude they know it all.

The Pharisees, purported Scripture scholars and experts in the Mosaic Law, fell into this latter category.  When Christ revealed Himself to them as the Messiah, though they had well documented knowledge of the miracles He had performed, they immediately rejected the evidence, accused Him of blasphemy and prepared to stone Him.

What rendered them more dangerous than their intellectual presumption, and perhaps their fear of losing authority and position, was their faithlessness, their lack of God’s light and love.  In this, Christ Jesus is their opposite, and this opposition to the Pharisees is what each of us must imitate:  knowing that in God, we have everything we are, and that all we are, God calls us to give:  for the sake of others, and for the greater glory of God.

Lent 5-5