Saturday of the 14th Week in Ordinary Time [I]

Saturday of the 14th Week in Ordinary Time [I]
Genesis 49:29-32; 50:15-26  +  Matthew 10:24-33
July 13, 2019

   “…not one [sparrow] falls to the ground without your Father’s knowledge.”   

Jesus preaches today about Our Father’s providential knowledge and will.  God knows all things.  We know this abstractly, but perhaps we fail to consider all that this truth of our Faith means.

When we say that God knows all “things”, what sorts of things are we talking about?  Facts that would win God a championship on trivia shows?  God knows all objective facts about science, history, etc.  But God’s knowledge is not trivial.

God’s infinite knowledge extends to what is most personal.  God knows every action you have ever done (or failed to do).  God also knows every thought you’ve ever had, and every word you’ve ever said.  He knows the hopes and desires of every human heart.  He knows of every emotion you’ve ever felt, and of the circumstances that led to those emotions.

But in human earthly providence, knowledge leads to the will.  God’s knowledge of you, as complete as it is (more complete, in fact, than even your own self-knowledge!), leads God only to love you more.  At times, we hide ourselves from God, not understanding the depth of His providential love.  But when we submit ourselves completely to God, we are not only more at peace:  we are more flexible in serving as an instrument of His peace.

OT 14-6