Monday of the Ninth Week in Ordinary Time

Monday of the Ninth Week in Ordinary Time
Mark 12:1-12

“They will respect my son.”

The chief priests and elders had forgotten the place of the Lord in their lives.  They thought that they were the masters of Israel, rather than its shepherds.  They thought that they were the landowners, rather than the tenants.  They thought that they were the lords of the manor, rather than the stewards.

The action of today’s parable demonstrates just how topsy-turvy these stewards are.  Believing that they’re the masters of the situation justifies, in their minds, their beating and stoning of the landowner’s messengers, and finally, their murder of his son.

Of course, you and I know how this parable turns out in real life:  that is, during Holy Week.  The chief priests, elders, and other leaders of Israel are not willing to give up the claim to be masters.  So when they come face-to-face with Jesus, who is the rightful heir to the throne of Israel, there’s bound to be conflict.  Like the son in the parable, Jesus is seized and put to death.  Jesus is the “stone that the builders rejected” which “has become the cornerstone”.