Wednesday of the Third Week of Easter

Wednesday of the Third Week of Easter
Acts 8:1-8  +  John 6:35-40
April 18, 2018

“…whoever comes to me will never hunger, and whoever believes in me will never thirst.”

This coming Sunday, the Fourth Sunday of Easter, is called “Good Shepherd Sunday.”  We hear Jesus call Himself the Good Shepherd, and think about the many different ways that Jesus is our shepherd.  The Holy Eucharist is the nourishment He feeds His sheep.  We continue to hear Jesus preach about this nourishment during the weekdays of this third week of Easter.

But why do you feed animals?  Many of us have pets, and pets don’t do a lot around the house.  You feed pets just so that they stay alive, and not much else, at least practically speaking.  But you and I are not God’s pets.  God feeds us with the spiritual food of Jesus’ Body and Blood because He has a mission for each one of us.  He means for us to be “workhorses”, so to speak, in His field.

God has a different vocation in mind for each one of us, and we won’t be strong enough to do what God wants from us unless we become more like Him.  We become more like God by receiving the Body and Blood of Jesus, which helps us know and do the will of God the Father.  Pray that we will be faithful to God, and use the strength that we receive from the Holy Eucharist not for ourselves, but to do the will of God our Father in Heaven.