This week at the Spiritual Life Center:

If you’re in or near south-central Kansas, I encourage you to attend the Summer Symposium this Thursday and Friday at the Spiritual Life Center in Wichita. The theme this year is “Conversion & Conscience”. Each year, the theme is tackled from four perspectives: Doctrine, Spirituality, Literature, and Catholic Living. I’m offering the Literature talks, focusing upon G. K. Chesterton, the great 20th c. British journalist and apologist. No less a figure than C. S. Lewis credited Chesterton’s book The Everlasting Man with moving him from agnosticism to Christian orthodoxy. Chesterton himself was a convert, so his approach to the Roman Catholic Faith is especially interesting for those who want to know how to encourage others along the roads that lead across the Tiber to Rome.

Click on the image of Chesterton below to link to the SLC’s Symposium page:

Quote GKC 001