Monday – 5th Week of Easter

Monday of the Fifth Week of Easter
Acts 14:5-18  +  John 14:21-26
May 15, 2017

“‘…He will teach you everything and remind you of all that I told you.’”

At the Last Supper, Jesus speaks about the role that the Holy Spirit will play in the lives of the disciples after Jesus’ Ascension.  Although Jesus calls the Holy Spirit the “Advocate”—a legal term sometimes translated “Counselor”—it’s in terms of teaching that Jesus here describes the Holy Spirit’s mission.  “The Advocate… will teach you everything….”

The Holy Spirit teaching Jesus’ disciples is important because not only individuals, but mankind itself, learns only gradually:  indeed, through the course of human history.  Jesus did not reveal all truth:  He did not do so not because of some defect in His ability to teach, but because of the limits of human nature.  Jesus is “Truth”, and as God is infinite Truth.  Therefore for a finite creature such as a disciple, the learning process must be continual.

Yet every Christian disciple is also called to be a teacher, sharing in Jesus’ teaching mission.  We learn not merely to learn how to get ourselves to Heaven, but also to teach others the Way.  But among the many truths that we learn through the Power of the Holy Spirit, perhaps the most fundamental is simply to turn the whole of our life over to God:  that is, the truth that in commending our spirit into the Hands of the Father, our lives grow in goodness and peace.

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