Tues. – 4th Wk. of Easter

Tuesday of the Fourth Week of Easter
Acts 11:19-26  +  John 10:22-30
May 9, 2017

“‘The Father and I are one.’”

Today’s Gospel passage ends in an intriguing manner, taking an odd turn “off course”.  As a whole, the passage seems to be about Jesus dispelling the Jews’ “suspense” by identifying Himself as the Good Shepherd.  He then describes His relationship with His sheep, and the fact that by following His voice, His sheep have eternal life.  So far, so good.  The metaphors that Jesus uses echo imagery from the Old Testament.  We seem to be on familiar, comfortable ground.  But then an important shift occurs.

Jesus speaks about the relationships between Himself, His Father, and His sheep.  Re-read the last two sentences of today’s Gospel passage, and ask yourself what Jesus is trying to tell us.

From speaking about Himself and His Sheep, Jesus moves to speak about Himself and His Father.  “The Father and I are one.”  This is not distraction on Jesus’ part.  But what is He up to?

How is unity one of the most important themes of the Easter Season, when we reflect on the Risen Lord, His Church, and our own participation in the Mystical Body of Christ?   What sort of unity does the Father want me to share with Him through Christ?

As we draw closer to the Solemnity of Pentecost, make unity one of the gifts that you ask the Holy Spirit to bring more deeply into your life.