Saturday of the 5th Week of Easter

Saturday of the 5th Week of Easter
Acts 16:1-10  +  John 15:18-21
May 25, 2019

   “I have chosen you out of the world….”   

In this Easter season, we continue to hear in the First Reading about the flurry of apostolic activity that spread through the world following the first Christian Pentecost.  But what of Mary, the lowly Virgin, mother of the child who grew in this world in order to offer His life in sacrifice for our sins?  What about the mother of Him who is the Good News that the apostles spread throughout the world?  Where is Mary at Pentecost? Continue reading

Friday of the 5th Week of Easter

Friday of the 5th Week of Easter
Acts 15:22-31  +  John 15:12-17
May 24, 2019

   “This is my commandment:  love one another as I love you.”   

Today’s Gospel passage is often proclaimed at Nuptial Masses.  It speaks to the reality of love.  It gives some concrete form to love.  This concreteness is necessary when one lives—as you and I do—in a culture which equates love with warm, fuzzy feelings. Continue reading

Thursday of the 5th Week of Easter

Thursday of the 5th Week of Easter
Acts 15:7-21  +  John 15:9-11
May 23, 2019

   “If you keep my commandments, you will remain in my love….”   

The long discourse of Jesus at the Last Supper, recorded in chapters 13-17 of John, has several themes which Jesus touches upon over and over again.  Jesus weaves these themes together, as if his words on this solemn night formed a tapestry of the Good News. Continue reading

Wednesday of the 5th Week of Easter

Wednesday of the 5th Week of Easter
Acts 15:1-6  +  John 15:1-8
May 22, 2019

   “I am the true vine, and my Father is the vine grower.”   

Jesus today proclaims a powerful metaphor.  He captures the relationships among the Vinegrower, the Vine, and the branches with their fruit.  This metaphor expresses powerfully the relationship between God the Father and God the Son.  Within this relationship we see our place as members of the Mystical Body of Christ. Continue reading

Tuesday of the 5th Week of Easter

Tuesday of the 5th Week of Easter
Acts 14:19-28  +  John 14:27-31
May 21, 2019

   “Peace I leave with you; my peace I give to you.”   

One of the blessings of the priesthood is ministering to someone laying on his deathbed.  Its certainly true that there’s often grief—sometimes dramatic grief—on the faces of loved ones surrounding the dearly departing.  Yet it’s rare to see someone who is dying cry. Continue reading

Monday of the 5th Week of Easter

Monday of the 5th Week of Easter
Acts 14:5-18  +  John 14:21-26
May 20, 2019

   “…He will teach you everything and remind you of all that I told you.”   

At the Last Supper, Jesus speaks about the role that the Holy Spirit will play in the lives of the disciples after Jesus’ Ascension.  Although Jesus calls the Holy Spirit the “Advocate”—a legal term sometimes translated “Counselor”—it’s in terms of teaching that Jesus here describes the Holy Spirit’s mission.  “The Advocate… will teach you everything”. Continue reading

Audio Reflection for May 19, 2019

The audio below considers the background and contexts of the Scriptures of Mass for the Fifth Sunday of Easter [C].  Hopefully this will help you in meditating upon the scriptures, and in being open to the Holy Spirit speaking to you during Sunday Mass:

Click HERE to download the audio


The Fifth Sunday of Easter [C]

The Fifth Sunday of Easter [C]
Acts 14:21-27  +  Revelation 21:1-5  +  John 13:31-33,34-35
May 19, 2019

   “My children, I will be with you only a little while longer.”   

Today’s Gospel passage takes place within the setting of the Last Supper.  That might seem strange.  We’re backing up to Holy Thursday when we’re now at the Fifth Sunday of Easter, 28 days after Jesus’ Resurrection.  Why is the Church today proclaiming this passage that’s set during Holy Week? Continue reading

Saturday of the 4th Week of Easter

Saturday of the 4th Week of Easter
Acts 13:44-52  +  John 14:7-14
May 18, 2019

   “The Father who dwells in Me is doing His works.”   

At weekday Mass during the middle of the Easter Season, we are hearing Jesus’ words from the Last Supper.  John’s is the loftiest of the four Gospel accounts, but the Last Supper discourses offer the loftiest of the loftiest words spoken by Christ in John.  Much of what He says at the Last Supper concerns the unity of the Holy Trinity, and specifically of the Father and the Son. Continue reading